The Hives - EU Tour 2023
Commissioned portraits - taken during The Hives 2023 "The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons" Tour
Unsainted Studios
Experimental lookbook S/S/23
Volchok Berlin
Selected imagery from various Volchok campaigns
Code Orange - EU Tour 2023
2023 European tour diary with Code Orange from Pittsburgh
FYN Restaurant - South Africa
The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2022 | Ranked No. 37
TIK TOK x Adidas Originals
2023 Viral Tik Tok campaign I Directed for Adidas Originals
Nike Yoga x Otto GMBH
2023 Social Media campaign for OTTO GMBH x NIKE Yoga
Coca-Cola "Energy"
Campaign for the German launch of Coke Energy
Calvin Klein x Stylefile
German Social Media Campaign for Calvin Klein DE
Lifebuoy - Unilever
2020 German TVC & Print Campaign for Lifebuoy
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