By putting our egos on the sidelines, leaving the stage to Germany’s five most successful content creators and letting them do what they do best: authentic content. No briefing at all, just lots of creative freedom. We built them a huge digital playground and stuffed a warehouse full of sets, tools, gadgets and a ton of adidas Originals products. 

And guess what, it worked. In the end we had: Five extremely impressed creators, a super impressed community and very impressive numbers. Over 90 million impressions, 6 million users reached and about an 80% increase in followers for OTTO. But most importantly: Content that’s finally authentic! Turns out, if you put brands that know who they are together with people that know what they are doing, you get realness — with kudos from the most creative generation so far.


The campaign was a huge success, reaching almost six million unique users, driving more than 90 million impressions, 300,000 likes and increasing their follower count by 80% in four weeks.

The creative assets were entertaining and followed TikTok best practices, so they performed above internal benchmarks for the retail sector. Additionally, these assets outperformed other assets that had a more commercial approach.

This campaign was featured on official website as a "case study" for businesses to use & reference & present to their clients. 

Tik Tok x Adidas Originals x Otto GMBH x Duran Levinson 

Director / Cinematographer : Duran Levinson
Production : Bubbles Films
Agency : Just Add Sugar
Steadycam Operator : Daniel Leibold
1st AC : Alexander Daab
2nd AC : Matze Wortmann
DIT / VTR : Martin Oelze
Tonmeister : Willem Hasse
Oberbeleuchter : Stefan Rentel
Beleuchter : Andreas Larsmeyer
Art Department : Markus Janowksi
Make Up : Tini Sager 
Styling : Jana Krentzlin
Cast : Nina Chuba, Henry Nguyen, Helge Mark, Zsá Zsá, 

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