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Кремлевский горец / The Kremlin Highlander / 2019

"We are living, but can’t feel the land where we stay,
More than ten steps away you can’t hear what we say.
 But if people would talk on occasion,
They should mention the Kremlin Caucasian."
- Osip Mandelstam

Shot is Moscow, Russia in 2019, this book was created with various mixed-media forms of analog photography, glitching, collaging and more. I held onto this for a long time, hoping to get some publishing interest but in the end everything I make has such a DIY approach that I feel the best is to give it away for as little as possible.

For the first time I offer it here as a PDF book, for as little as possible. 

By buying this book you are directly supporting me in a small way, as well as motivating me to stop being so lazy and go make some more zines.

A4 size // 166 pages in total 

SPECIAL THANKS : Dimitri Salov, Outlaw Moscow, Volchok Moscow, MIchaelis Moshe, Max Bashkaev, Dilyara Minrakhmanova, Masha Raeva, all the models and everyone who went treasure hunting with me. Much love поцелуй поцелуй ! 

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